Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Doll

The doll.

Her eyes are looking down on me so colourful and bright,
Will I cradle her in my arms and lay her bside me at night?
Oh wonder, oh glory, oh beautiful toy,
Sent from heaven to adore me, play with me and love me.

Never ending adventures you and I could play,
Nanny don’t you see how I need her today.
Take her home with me and love her to the end
Please Nanny, oh please, let me be her friend.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Next part of story

Here is the next part to the story I started the other day, actually I'm not sure if it's the next part or not - it's just the next bit that I've written. I will be writing all over the place at first. Remember this is just me beginning - so bear with me while I begin this story telling craft! Thank you.


Two weeks previous…..

Ally, was getting ready for another night on the town. How she loved the getting ready part. Music playing loud in the background, all kinds of make-up spread out before her. It was like an artist’s pallet just waiting to be applied. I wonder if he will be there tonight, that boy, that gorgeous wonderful boy. Most of the boys her age were gone. Gone fighting for our country, it was hard these days to get a catch! Ally felt privileged, her father was very wealthy and high up in the army ranks. She could have whatever she wanted. She didn’t really know what his job was, she wasn’t really interested. All she cared about was what he brought home for her every time he came home. He knew a lot of American soldiers who brought over such lovely things. I want to go to America one day, she thought, as she smiled at herself in the mirror. She imagined that it must be so swanky over there. Not like boring, boring England with this stupid war! Ally didn’t know anything about the war and what was going on around her, she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to be happy. Edgar will make me happy, she thought. She knew that he would because he told her so. The sirens went off again.
‘Oh for pity’s sake’, she screamed. ‘Don’t they know I need to get ready’.
Her mother called up the stairs;
‘Come on Ally, we need to go down to the shelter.’
‘Oh Mother, for heaven’s sake, they never bomb our street, they usually bomb the city’.

Ally was always so up in the clouds, a siren was never going to bring her down. She really didn’t want to believe what was going on around her. She really never ever dreamt that they could be affected. Her Daddy always made sure of that. Anyway, reluctantly she left her dressing table and made for the stairs. Her mother was waiting anxiously at the bottom.

‘Come on or we wont get into the shelter. Ally, please hurry’.

Her mum always panicked, always flustered, always thought the worse.

‘Ok, ok, I’m coming can’t you see?’

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Im glad you liked my story. I really don't know what happens next! I started it in Creative writing yesterday. Its now whirling around my head. I've got to do some more for homework. Here is a little secret though, I think the girl is pregnant and the man knows more than she thinks!

I think!

Laine x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A man is walking down the street.

A man is walking down the street, suddenly he hears the sound of something moving in a doorway. The man is wearing a long dark coat and a very smart trilby hat. The street is dark and lonely, lined with trees and houses which are all boarded up and derelict. It is very late at night and raining very hard. The man shrugs his shoulders in his coat as he tries to keep himself warm on this cold and damp night.

The sound is coming from an open doorway of one of the derelict houses. It is hanging off its hinges and creaks loudly as he cautiously pushes it open. He is startled by what he sees, a young woman of only about twenty is huddled up under a very old blanket. As the door opened it shone onto her frightened face and a muffled shriek came out from under the dark shroud that she had made her home for the last ten days.

They stared at each other for what seemed like hours but was only for ten seconds before the man stepped further into the doorway. The woman tried to move away from him, frightened, not wanting to trust any living man again in her life.

“Go away!” she screams at the man.

“It’s ok, I’ve come to help you.” The man says, gently.

“I don’t believe you, I can’t believe anyone anymore, go away, go away” the girl was now sobbing and shaking profusely.

The man crouched down so that he came down to the same level as the girl. He suddenly realised how frightening it must be for her to see this tall dark figure suddenly looming into her safety zone. He really did not want her to be frightened. He knew what she had been through, he knew that he had to get her trust.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Something to write about

Hmmmmm - think I've got creative block. I can't think of something to write about. Hopefully when I have been to my next class I will have some more work to show you.

There was one thing I thought of today that I must write down - not sure if I have written it down before but here it is again - its only a very small snippet of the theme Hope.

There is no hope without belief,
There is no belief without hope.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Firstly let me tell you a little bit about Haiku.

Japanese people write these little poems for fun. The form is very strict:- three lines -

1st line - 5 syllables
2nd line - 7 syllables
3rd line - 5 syllables

Generally you are catching a moment, describing something you see - something perhaps that we wouldn't ordinarily notice in our busy lives - and the feeling you get when you see it.

The Japanese usually use natural things and scenes which evoke one or other of the seasons.

Some examples of Haiku;

no escaping it -
I must step on fallen leaves
to take this path
by Suzuki Masajo

the spring wind -
the skirts of the thatcher
are blow about
by Kito

Now for the ones that I made up myself today, it's quite hard as you have to think of the syllables and your only allowed three lines - but I found it quite fun too!!! Here we go, my first two attempts at Haiku!!!

I'm long and slim Jim -
I really am, it's true Boo,
come on, Lucy too!
by Lainey

Hear the sea with me,
the sea we see, you and I,
spirit of sea fly.

by Lainey

Really they are better if I read them out - its hard for me to know where to put the commas and that!! But Im sure they will get better.

Ball of Wool

Ball of Wool by Laine

It's like a ball of confusion,
A big tangle of mess,
Is it hiding all the thoughts of
Someone in a stress?

It could become in order,
It could be made so big.
It could even cover someone's head
And make a fantastic wig!

Lot's of paths to follow,
Many routes to take,
Once you sort it out my dear
A rythmn it will make.

Keep the rythmn going
And everyone will cheer,
My life is going fine now,
It's really in top gear.