Thursday, 16 October 2008


Im glad you liked my story. I really don't know what happens next! I started it in Creative writing yesterday. Its now whirling around my head. I've got to do some more for homework. Here is a little secret though, I think the girl is pregnant and the man knows more than she thinks!

I think!

Laine x


Sara said...

Ooh... ooh... I KNEW the man knew more than we knew that he knew!

As soon as you find out, please let us know ;o)


Stuart said...

let it flow ........ don't wait for it to come just go and write

Melissa said...

look forward to seeing more

lunarossa said...

Hi, Thank you for redirecting me to your creative writing blog. Very interesting start of the story. Anything could be unravelled this way. Look forward to reading more. Did not know about Haiku, sounds fun. Ciao. Antonella