Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Firstly let me tell you a little bit about Haiku.

Japanese people write these little poems for fun. The form is very strict:- three lines -

1st line - 5 syllables
2nd line - 7 syllables
3rd line - 5 syllables

Generally you are catching a moment, describing something you see - something perhaps that we wouldn't ordinarily notice in our busy lives - and the feeling you get when you see it.

The Japanese usually use natural things and scenes which evoke one or other of the seasons.

Some examples of Haiku;

no escaping it -
I must step on fallen leaves
to take this path
by Suzuki Masajo

the spring wind -
the skirts of the thatcher
are blow about
by Kito

Now for the ones that I made up myself today, it's quite hard as you have to think of the syllables and your only allowed three lines - but I found it quite fun too!!! Here we go, my first two attempts at Haiku!!!

I'm long and slim Jim -
I really am, it's true Boo,
come on, Lucy too!
by Lainey

Hear the sea with me,
the sea we see, you and I,
spirit of sea fly.

by Lainey

Really they are better if I read them out - its hard for me to know where to put the commas and that!! But Im sure they will get better.


Melissa said...

oooh, let me try. I love to write poetry but i dont really do haiku...never really understood it..but I go

Today I saw rain
It melted all over me
Still wet and alone

how was that? lol

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm a waitress in a Japanese resturant. I understand! Thank you for this link to follow!
Take care my friend,

Eileen said...

How interesting. Think I might try it too. Eileenx

~Kat~ said...

OMG I SO dont get this lol but love the new blog Take care Kat:)