Monday, 20 October 2008

Next part of story

Here is the next part to the story I started the other day, actually I'm not sure if it's the next part or not - it's just the next bit that I've written. I will be writing all over the place at first. Remember this is just me beginning - so bear with me while I begin this story telling craft! Thank you.


Two weeks previous…..

Ally, was getting ready for another night on the town. How she loved the getting ready part. Music playing loud in the background, all kinds of make-up spread out before her. It was like an artist’s pallet just waiting to be applied. I wonder if he will be there tonight, that boy, that gorgeous wonderful boy. Most of the boys her age were gone. Gone fighting for our country, it was hard these days to get a catch! Ally felt privileged, her father was very wealthy and high up in the army ranks. She could have whatever she wanted. She didn’t really know what his job was, she wasn’t really interested. All she cared about was what he brought home for her every time he came home. He knew a lot of American soldiers who brought over such lovely things. I want to go to America one day, she thought, as she smiled at herself in the mirror. She imagined that it must be so swanky over there. Not like boring, boring England with this stupid war! Ally didn’t know anything about the war and what was going on around her, she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to be happy. Edgar will make me happy, she thought. She knew that he would because he told her so. The sirens went off again.
‘Oh for pity’s sake’, she screamed. ‘Don’t they know I need to get ready’.
Her mother called up the stairs;
‘Come on Ally, we need to go down to the shelter.’
‘Oh Mother, for heaven’s sake, they never bomb our street, they usually bomb the city’.

Ally was always so up in the clouds, a siren was never going to bring her down. She really didn’t want to believe what was going on around her. She really never ever dreamt that they could be affected. Her Daddy always made sure of that. Anyway, reluctantly she left her dressing table and made for the stairs. Her mother was waiting anxiously at the bottom.

‘Come on or we wont get into the shelter. Ally, please hurry’.

Her mum always panicked, always flustered, always thought the worse.

‘Ok, ok, I’m coming can’t you see?’


Laura said...

I really love the next part it draws you in and you can imagine bieng there at the time such good writing well done laney cant wait for the next installment keep me posted
love laura xx

lunarossa said...

Oh, Laine, I was not expecting something this dramatic. It has taken me aback!!! My imagination went on in a different direction and now I'm back to square one. Thta's really nice how you have done it. Ciao. Antonella

Lainey Laine said...

Well there is more to come and its still a little unclear as to where I go but that man at the beginning he will play a huge part, but not sure how yet. I might even change things.

Mr Brainwhispers said...

I dont like Ally. With her tarty make-up and America loving ways.
I hope a bomb lands on her stupid big fat head.

Well done, keep up the good work.

Melissa said...

this is coming along really good

Sara said...

Ooh... I used to love getting ready to go out, with the music playing and the glass of vodka... Ally should have a glass of vodka. Something tells me that Edgar isn't going to make her happy, glass of vodka will :o)