Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Note Book

This is from last week. Our tutor, Nan, gave us lots of objects and we had to write about them - I chose quite a few objects and this is the first one I wrote about. Remember I am just beginning so things I write are fresh and new and may even be a load of rubbish - but I am going to put everything on here and hopefully my writing will improve!

The Notebook by Laine

I wonder what is inside this wonderous looking notebook.
The cover is so pretty.
It certainly isnt from the city.

I really want to open it,
but it's not mine!
Is that an orange or a clementine?

Oh don't be silly, it's a peach my dear,
anyone can see it's a peach!

Look at those grapes and roses too,
Never before have I seen such a view.

Lovely little notebook, tell me what you hold,
have you got secrets inside,
that just go on growing old and old.

Speak to me notebook, I want to know you,
feel you, get to know you, make you mine!
But you are, sadly, someone elses valentine!


Melissa said...

i think ur doing very good being this is new for u, u do have talent at it and the more u write the better u'll get, and the writing will flow so much easier

Mr Brainwhispers said...

Your tutor is your Nan?
Is your grandad your milkman?
Your uncle your boss?
Your auntie your doctor?
Are you related to everyone?